My Summer Olympic Thoughts

I am going to say it, I am just going to say it, I hate the Olympics! Gasp! How un-american of me! How un-patriotic! Oh well. I don’t get what the big deal is. I have never been into sports really. Against them actually. I don’t understand the time, energy and money that goes into it. Especially the money. For what? Just so someone can win and some one can lose? People get entirely too wrapped up in it all. I won’t let my son play sports. That is a decision I made long ago, when I was a kid. It is so awful the way kids get treated by their parents and parents of other kids when they are no good at sports. Crushes my heart. I have been at little league games and seen parents be so angry so flipped out over something that had transpired at a child’s little league game that it has ended in a fist fight. Ridiculous. There is nothing that serious that could go on at a GAME that anyone should ever be punched in the face over. My gosh people! What kind of values are we teaching our kids?! It’s more important to be good at sports than to be good at school work? I come from a small Texas town where football is another religion. It has always baffled me. It’s all so comical. It’s just a game. A made up game that really means nothing in the grand scheme of life. I mean how many athletes really turn pro anyways? A friend of mine was quarter back of the high school football team, got accepted to college on football scholarship, one of the first games of the season he totally blew out his knee. He would never fully recover, physically yes, mentally never. Here he was 18 years old and he thought his life was over. All because his life had always been wrapped up in playing ball. He thought he was nothing without it. He went into depression, started drinking, not caring about anything much at all. He wrote me a letter once when we were both working as physical therapy techs at our local hospital, in it he said “I will never know the feeling I got when I played football again. No one will ever cheer for me again. I will never have a thousand people jump to their feet and scream for me while I’m in a hospital room doing P.T. on an old man. How am I suppose to ever fill that void again.” I cried for so long after reading that letter. I wish he had had any value in himself, other than being a good athlete.  But that is what we do to our kids. We wrap all their hopes,dreams, and self-worth into playing sports and the odds are highly stacked against them that they will ever do anything lucrative with those sports skills. That is the sad truth.  There was never a worse feeling to me than being a winner.  I know to most Americans that is unheard of.  I played tennis in middle school (just to get out of P.E.)  and I was good at it and I won quite a lot.  But to see that other person, the “loser” , hang their head in shame, walk off the court, look their disappointed parents in the face, oh I just couldn’t stand it!  My heart is too big for sports.  I am not cold-blooded and heartless enough to want someone to lose so I can win.  It’s just not that important to me.  And to bring it all back to the olympics, some of those athletes have to return to their countries in shame, to face ridicule and sometimes persecution and maybe even sometimes punishment.  All on the basis of what, so people can be entertained?  So someone can say they are a winner?  I will just never ever understand what the pay out is.  I could go on a whole other tangent about all the money that is wasted on the olympics, on sports in general, that could go towards curing diseases or anything with more meaning and worth to the world, but maybe I will save that for another day.   I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way.  Everyone else is probably just too afraid to say it out loud.


I may have been called a lot of things but I call myself REAL

I have struggled with the idea of having a personal blog for a while now.  Some have encouraged me to, but those that know me best have steered me away.  Why?  Well I guess it’s because I’m overly opinionative, I have a huge mouth which I am constantly putting my foot in and above all else I am just Real.  I will tell you how it is, tell you the truth and mince no words.  That seems to be unheard of today.  Everyone wants to be soothed with lies and pretty stories, but not with me!  I have a lot to say and sometimes I get tired of keeping it all in my head.  From my everyday life, my crazy family and friends and being the mother of a 6-year-old autistic son, I am never short on goings on and never am at a lack for something to say about it! 

So what to blog about?  Well everything! My interests are far and wide!  From current events to pop culture, books, poetry, just anything I feel like sharing on any given day.  Maybe it’ll be interesting and maybe it won’t but at least it will be out of my head and into yours!  It will be an everything and the kitchen sink type of blog that is for sure.  I hope people will like it and I hope gain something from it, even if it is just that you go away feeling better about your own life! But bottom line it will be great therapy for me! So here goes nothing…!

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