I have struggled with the idea of having a personal blog for a while now.  Some have encouraged me to, but those that know me best have steered me away.  Why?  Well I guess it’s because I’m overly opinionative, I have a huge mouth which I am constantly putting my foot in and above all else I am just Real.  I will tell you how it is, tell you the truth and mince no words.  That seems to be unheard of today.  Everyone wants to be soothed with lies and pretty stories, but not with me!  I have a lot to say and sometimes I get tired of keeping it all in my head.  From my everyday life, my crazy family and friends and being the mother of a 6-year-old autistic son, I am never short on goings on and never am at a lack for something to say about it! 

So what to blog about?  Well everything! My interests are far and wide!  From current events to pop culture, books, poetry, just anything I feel like sharing on any given day.  Maybe it’ll be interesting and maybe it won’t but at least it will be out of my head and into yours!  It will be an everything and the kitchen sink type of blog that is for sure.  I hope people will like it and I hope gain something from it, even if it is just that you go away feeling better about your own life! But bottom line it will be great therapy for me! So here goes nothing…!